Bartenders of Reddit, what is the saddest story that you heard from a drunk guest?

A woman came in and ordered a tall double vodka and cranberry. She started to tell me she wanted the top shelf stuff then stopped herself Midway and said well. That alone isn't really anything to think about but she pulled out two packs of cigarettes and started chain smoking. I asked if everything was ok and she quietly said no but she didn't want to talk about it so I left her alone and kept her drinks full. A couple minutes into her third drink (I pour a little heavy for sad people, management knew so they didn't care and it was the cheap stuff anyway so they really didn't give a shit) and she starts talking to me about what happened. Turns out her husband had a new fetish where he wanted to watch her with other guys. She wasn't into it and he hated that. Her and the husband had gone out the night before at a different bar and she didn't remember much after her second drink. She also woke up the next morning with her husband and another guy and was sore all over so she went to the hospital she worked at to get a drug screening. Her husband drugged her. By the time she got done telling me the story it was close to closing time and she closed out using cash, she didn't want her husband seeing she went out without him, and started getting ready to leave. I stopped her and asked where she was staying because she definitely didn't need to stay at her house with her husband after that. she was going to sleep in her car in the parking lot. I told her that I was going to be off in like an hour so I would take her to my house and she could sleep in my spare room. The next day (it was a weekday) she got up and called her attorney to file for divorce. Now she's happily engaged to a guy that doesn't drug her or make her do sexual acts she doesn't want to.

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