Bi guy here. In my 30s, no hair on the top of my head (and haven't had since I was eighteen or so, thinned out very early), average height and weight, not out of shape but not "fit" either. Pretty much the middle of the road straight down the line.

Never had trouble dating, but never used a dating app, so I can't speak to that. Mostly I just make friends that share hobbies, because then I know we have a common interest. If I'm interested in more, I say so. If they want to, great! If not, that's cool.

Just from my experience, the biggest thing that helps me initiate relationships is a willingness to talk to total strangers. I mostly play video games, and I met several of my exes, my wife, and my best friend that way. I haven't had a sucks relationship that didn't start as friendship, nor any (exept a few that cheated

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