Because Screw Gravity

At launch

Play now recommends empty servers Glitched walls, rocks etc. (invisible wall) This is very bad on Zavod. In the center after the levolution has happened. You cannot shoot down into the hole Cannot connect to server. And when you press reconnect it says "server not found" Killtrading Revive glitch. Yes, its still out there Spawning without weapons. Several seconds. Sometimes 10+ without weapons Netcode (Getting shot behind walls) OP MMA. Can take out choppers spawn to spawn. invincible helicopter/tanks/etc (Shells blowing up, but no hitmarker or damage) One-hit kill bug where players sometimes take damage twice from the same bullet. Yes it still happens Veteran battlepack missing since release. Killed when vaulting walls Boosted to death randomly Counterknife extremely bugged Missing alot of dog tags for 500 kills with a weapon Not even seeing the deploy screen when joining a server result in lost skill. Even as much as 50 or more Proximity for gunners doesn't work Jeeps and bikes blowing up on nothing, or small rocks. Searching on bf4 forums shows 2 year old bf3 topics. Filter is only capable of 24 hours, 1 week and 1 month. Squads(Joining a server puts you in a 2 man squad instead of the 3 or 4 man squads Rubberbanding Commander app puts you in empty servers Commander cruise missile is one time use on some maps/modes Commander orders needs to be easier to accept UCAV reload bug still possible(0sec reload time to ucav) Ucav, SUAV and so on doesn't show what killed you in killfeed. Just [] Spawns are horrible. Spawning a couple of feet away from enemies to often When killed and the cam FINALLY shows where the killer is, the screen is flickering like Michael J. Fox LAV and possible other vehicles, bounces very high when hitting the water. Jump-boost. When you get lifted a couple of meters into the air. This is when vaulting something Crouch walking turns into sliding You win missions if the opponoments doesn't accept the mission Platoons? Overused weapons AEK, Ace23, 416. Every other kill or more is to the Ace23 Commander ammo crate on Op lockers.. Lands on skybox when dropped outside. Should be able to be dropped down and maybe open up the roof inside so it can be dropped there Bipods are not working.. Cant deploy. Unless you don't want them to. So much UI on the screen (Flags, allies etc) Soooo small airspace.. CR weapon assignments still appear after battle. Even if you have unlocked them all. When killed and the enemy reloads. Often he fires his weapon AND reloads at the same time. This is still in from bf3 If you use the Magnifier at the end of the reload animation it will apply the 2x zoom without moving the magnifier into place. In Haian Resort, the step around the pool house is too high to walk over. You have to jump. V40 minis still oneshots if you are close enough EA/DICE lack of communication ECM Jammer not working Funny Service stars showing up in battle report. Like MAA for lockers and such. Enemies survive with 0% health. Not receiving kill assist when you clearly assisted in the kill. Levolution in CR? Missiles disappear in flight when you get killed. Crosshair missing. Must press spot button the reappear HC friendly names takes to long to appear Rex and Magnum slow-to-fire JDAM bomb (same damage as a impact grenade) Spawning under the map Announcing patch 1 min before downtime 8 man squads Elevator bug on SOS. When the building collapses Ac130 way to weak. Only useable with the big cannon and as a spawn beacon in the air DMR need buff and maybe remove the sound when getting shot at. pew pew pew pew Dog tags layers only showing the first dog tag Soflam bug. Place soflam in spawn and paint targets with eyes Lockon + hit on MAV with stingers doesn't hurt them Mobile Artillery kills just count as "kills" Getting out of the choppers on air superiority(Guilin Peaks) Tank Reticle out of sync with the actual shot Bf4 windows stays in front even when you alt-tab out Mines, Cruise missiles etc makes road undriveable because of all the humps. Revive not always possible. Even on top of the teammate and the revive icon is there. Reviving gives to little. Bf3, every one revived. Now no one does it . Worth to little Scoreboards to small. You have to be in the top xx to se your score ingame XP boost is useless when you get to 110. People having 200+ xp boosts Quit button doesn't work when the round end. Have to wait to you see your emblems. Hackers not being banned. Just stats reset Incendiary burning through walls Grenade behavior. Bouncing back on nothing Ladder in floodzone not working. Getting kicked down when reaching top Emblems not appearing on ps4 us servers Game not stopping when the round ends. Choppers/jets crashing Proxy attack makes commander vehicle disappear Level 110 and still missing 2 knifes Flashbangs useless.. Need to flash and bang more. Cardboard boxes prevents character movement. Only vehicles from one faction in testrange Shotgun shots sound from enemy usually doesn't play. Could be the killing shot. ORIGIN Defib killing players inside the bomber trailer Laser persist after death random on the maps FLIR/IRNR vision sometimes doesnt works. Just becomes a normal scope XP boost not ticking down in commander mode When you fire your last Javelin it automatically changes weapon so you can't lock on with the rocket. Cannot knife players using turrets Vehicles driving like they are drifting Compact .45 pistol ammo count not showing correct Dawnbreaker TDM/Dom glitch. Seeing through a broken wall at a specific point will result in seing roof or something CR trees is unbreakable. Even with a 60+ ton mbt Perks not working. Example is the indirect fire perk. Not allowing 2 ammo crates to be put down. Ammo and med crates not showing up on map C-RAM sometimes kills friendly players. Top vehicles on your battlelog screen shows what vehicles you have gotten most kills with. But when you to into the list. It shows the type If you type "true" or "false" into the chat. You cannot use the chat until you start a new game.

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