beginner snowboarder, looking for tips

Ok heel side is good you toe side is you the issue. You are turning the snowboard nicely heels.

OK what I want you to do is stand up now as you are reading this.

Front toe is 1 back toe is 2 so when you going down the hill starting the turn I want you to flex into your binding strap for one this will start the snowboard going down the hill. Now the snowboard is pointing down the hill flex into the back binding feeling that binding strap two. 1,2,1,

Heel side turns I want you feel the high backs front foot is 3 and back foot is 4 now as you are going down the heel flex ankle up high back 3 this will get the snowboard pointing down the hill. Now feel the high back 4.

Now you are standing right? I want you to do the snowboarding dance!

toe toe heel heel 1,2,3,4,

This will treat you how to twist the snowboard and get your lower body working because right now you are all upper body.

Now for the hips I want you to twist them into the direction of the turn.

1,2,3,4 hips, hips,

Keep your upper body inline with the snowboard.

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