Beginning to think that I need to swear off relationships and sex entirely to make this work.

I have a fwb. Nice looking. A normal me would have lost it all. I wouldn’t have met her to begin with. Jacking off twice a day.

With SR, I see her, have a human interaction, mostly cuddling and then I please her and we part. I don’t release.

I’m more focused on giving her pleasure instead of me taking pleasure. I see her like twice a month. There is an element of fantasy when I do think about her when she isn’t with me, but it’s controllable.

But I’m in early phases, with time I’ll eventually stop all the sexual activity. She gets all submissive with me, I think because of SR. I told her, she googled it. She doesn’t mind. Win win for both of us I guess. At least for now. And she does bring a positive energy to my life. I’m genuinely happy just to see her.

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