I believe I Amazon is doing me wrong and I'm thinking of seuing. What steps can I take?

No its yearly. I would be ok with not having the training transfer if my paid time off wasn't effected.

In Alabama at the FC I worked at your allowed around 34 hours of paid time off a year. I used all of my PTO allowed at BHM1. Form Jan to June. I transferred to Oregon and they allow 46. I recieved 10 hours at hire and 2 more I accumulated through the weeks. It stopped and when I asked they used my PTO at my time at BHM1 and would not allow me more than 12. They are not allowing the training at BHM1 to transfer to PDX9 even though it's the same center type and training. They are saying I'm a new hire and they are holding around 34 hours PTO from me because of my time at BHM1.

I dont care so much about to PTO as I do the training transfering. I need the overtime.

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