Believe It: Hartford No. 4 U.S. Tech City

The headline on the Courant story is misleading. Connecticut is not a top center for "tech jobs" -- whatever that means here.

What Brookings report seems to measuring here is the skill level required. The Hartford region a high number of jobs require some level of digital skills. Of the top three, two are computer related, and the third is "finance managers." (table 1, p-12). They are followed by "medium level" digital skills, sales managers and nurses.

What this report is saying is that of the jobs that we do have, a large percentage of them require some "digital skills"

The upshot is this report is telling us something that we already know. Connecticut has a large number of highly educated people. Connecticut has a high concentration of sophisticated industries, finance, engineering, advanced manufacturing, that require people with good education.

But the Hartford region is not a nationally ranked center for "tech jobs." Are numbers are low relative to many other areas.

The op-ed argument that we have a sophisticated, capable workforce that is innovative, is dead-on. It's just hard for us to see it because masochistic, group flagellation of the Reddit subgroup.

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