Do you believe in true love? I'm [17F] hopelessly in love with my boyfriend [16F].

Maybe I'll be able to provide you with some insight considering I was in your situation.

I met him in grade 8, and I still remember it as if it was yesterday. I always thought he was a goof, but cute. Then we got to high school and I had a science class with him. We became friends and I for sure developed a crush on him. We'd hangout after school and just walk around our small beach town talking about whatever came to mind, until like midnight then head home. Then at some point we would talk less and stop hanging out. We would text less and be angry with each other for no good reason. We would fight with each other then at some point randomly make up. Many first were had, many tears shed. But it was always him and I, nobody else.

This strange pattern continued all the way until the end of high school and once we graduated I figured I would never see him again. Summer went by and we didn't talk once. Then, out of the blue, sometime in the beginning of September, I got a random text.

All it said was "hey..".

I nearly dropped my phone. But I replied. We talked for a bit, caught up I guess. He told me he missed me. I was confused. Then it all started again, and we started hanging out again. I started to have feelings again. At some point he kissed me. Then we got in another fight, over something stupid.. Again.

But it was different this time. We talked through it and made it work. Skip forward to now.

That boy is now my bestfriend, and my boyfriend. We don't fight anymore, we talk through issues and it's working. I see a future with him, he feels the same way. I have no doubt that we really do love eachother, and I'm so happy that things are working out.

My point is, for a lot of people, high school loves really don't work out. But for some, they do. Don't give up on you guys, if you have a good thing going then don't panic and ruin it. Take it one step at a time and see where it goes!

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