The benefit of even a small emergency fund

I feel a lot of this is people's own fault thinking that they can pick up their parents life styles right out of college. I am paying off student loans. 2 years out of school as a marketer doing grunge work and my Net Worth is already over $10K. I've paid off my high interest loans. I have High Yield savings accounts with $16,000 and a 401K of over $12,0000.

I do small freelance work that earns $180 per month. I rarely eat out. I deal hunt for my phone/tv/furniture. Been driving the same car since High School and now live close enough to work to bike or walk. I have a roommate. I put $1,000 into my 401K every month. I have no kid and only a cat.

If my car broke down tomorrow, I would be prepared. In the meantime, I ignore my family who are the ones pushing me to make big expenses that I do not need to make!

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