Bernie Sanders to cut the BS, now wants to be known as Ernie Anders.


**Democrats need a candidate capable of winning and must not assume that voters will rely solely upon name recognition as they drive to the polls on November 8, 2016. There's a reason Yahoo writes that "More Americans distrust Hillary Clinton than trust her." There's also a reason that CNN reports 55 percent of registered voters have an "unfavorable" view of the former Secretary of State. In terms of building trust or increasing Clinton's favorability rating among Americans, this will be difficult since only 1 percent of registered voters have "never heard of" Hillary Clinton and her emails are the subject of an ongoing controversy.

Democrats won't be able to win on November 8, 2016 if the Democratic nominee's server is still being investigated by a total of five intelligence agencies: the FBI, National Security Agency, CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, and National Geospatial Agency. By the middle of the next president's term, 4 Supreme Court justices will be in their 80's, so the Democratic Party faces a monumental choice in 2016.

Most importantly, below are five reasons Senator Bernie Sanders is a better candidate than Hillary Clinton, in terms of both the Democratic nomination and general election. Considering Sanders just raised $1.2 million in only two days (after an attack from a Clinton super PAC), these five reasons are rooted in various competitive advantages possessed by the Vermont Senator.

  1. Bernie Sanders has always embodied the value system that Democrats were supposed to uphold when polls weren't in the favor of progressives.

He's not a Democrat!

Well, Bernie Sanders embodied progressive values and principles when Democrats abandoned them; turning our two-party system into Republican and Republican-lite on war, gay marriage, and other issues.

Asking why Hillary Clinton was against gay marriage until 2013, when most Democrats had already viewed gay marriage as a human right, is usually met with silence or the viewpoint that it's alright to "evolve" on a contentious issue.

Bernie Sanders voted against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.

When asked about her Iraq War vote, Clinton calls it a "mistake," but still espouses an aggressive foreign policy. Vox writes that Hillary Clinton will pull Democrats -and the country- in a hawkish direction. Also, Jacom Heilbrunn in The New York Times asks, Are Neocons Getting Ready to Ally With Hillary Clinton?

Bernie Sanders voted against Iraq and he accurately predicted the repercussions of invading the country.

On the Trans Pacific Partnership and Keystone XL, both issues that Bernie Sanders vehemently opposes, Clinton has either dodged questions or is on record as supporting both controversial issues in the past.

Hillary Clinton is also against the decriminalization of marijuana, while Bernie Sanders promises to work against archaic marijuana laws.

In terms of facing the eventual GOP nominee, Hillary Clinton's centrism will hurt her chances of winning a general election. Voters who desire a hawkish foreign policy or think Keystone XL is a good idea already vote Republican. The belief that Hillary Clinton appeals to the moderate (or somewhat conservative) swing voter doesn't correlate to reality; these people either don't trust her or vote Republican.

  1. According to Quinnipiac University's Swing State Polls in July and August, voters in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa and Virginia have an unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton and don't find her trustworthy.

Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio total 67 electoral votes. The problem with Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee is that voters in these states, along with other key states, don't trust Clinton. According to Quinnipiac University's Swing State Poll on August 20th, you might think she's qualified, but qualifications and campaign money won't win a person's trust:**

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