Bf (M20) and I (F18) are about to move in together after 6 months dating. Has it worked for anyone else?

I moved in with a boyfriend once after six months. We were very much in love and logistically it made sense with our leases. It was a terrible decision - his controlling tendencies and the problems in our relationship didn’t start to emerge until 8-10 months in. I moved for work and we were long distance for a while and only then did I have the clarity to see what a bad idea it was and break up. So when people say it is too soon, it isn’t “too soon” based on some arbitrary timeline. It is too soon because you just literally don’t have enough data on the person and haven’t seen them in enough situations. It is so much easier to move in than to move out. I would strongly advise you to get out of this if there is any way you can do something different. You may love your boyfriend very much and stay together for a long time, but you two don’t have enough life experience, experience living with people or experience in relationships to really know that you’re making the right decision.

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