[BFV] About all the fronts in this game.

When i said France for the 100th time in a row, i was refering to the location, not the army. Id love to see french troops and equipment defending their homeland, since its always the stereotypical "Heroes" UK and US. but id like to see other places in europe, such as Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg etc. Instead of 90% of Western Europe maps being somewhere in france.

Im not expecting BFV to include main fronts AND exotic ones, i just really want a game that shows battles a lot of people havent saw. They're very fascinating to me.

Although China is indeed complex it doesnt mean we shouldn't see it. United Front vs Japan would be amazing honestly. Even if it was only 1 MP map. Hell even some new 3 way MP mode with Communist Chinese, Kuomintang and Japan would be extremely fun and chaotic. (They would never do that though)

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