Black Lives Matter to Lightfoot: Unrest won’t end until ‘the safety of our communities is finally prioritized’“When protesters attack high-end retail stores owned by the wealthy, service the wealthy, that is not ‘our’ city and has never been meant for us,” the group says in statement.

BLM is a decentralized movement that has let the voices of those who have the least at stake rise to the top. It's totally been hijacked. I'm sitting here reading quotes from Ariel from the North side (read the article if you didn't) and looking at pictures of a bunch of white people encouraging South and West side black folks to commit crimes. Ariel & co will face zero repercussions. Ariel & co have no issues with canonizing a fucking mob of looters as BLM protestors simply because they were black. Ariel & co doesn't need to worry about diluting a movement or damaging the image of it, because Ariel & co never had anything to gain from it in the first place aside from assaulting their white guilt. This is all so fucked.

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