Blizer explaining the MYM situation.

Reading some of these comments makes me shake my head. As someone who has been bashed to no end by a majority of this subreddit, sometimes I wonder about the maturity level of people on here and if they have any idea how to properly articulate themselves without being vulgar, demeaning or flat out bullies.

I read the Dailydot article, Blizers statement and YamatoCannon's statement. After reading all 3, there are multiple different outcomes to this situation:

1) Dailydot published an accurate article and Blizer / MYM are making statements to explain their side and do damage control.

2) Blizer / MYM's statements are 100% accurate and the article was written with misinformed information from their source

3) Neither side is 100% correct, Dailydot received poor information from their source and Blizer / MYM are making mostly accurate statements for clarification and damage control.

Regardless of the actual outcome, which I feel no one outside of the people within MYM will ever know, I don't think it's fair to say that either side is 100% correct. My personal opinion (which I'm sure no one cares for) is the 3rd outcome I listed above.

For a lot of people here, who tend to have a pack-like mentality and jump on anyone they possibly can, I think that the attitude towards journalists in general needs to change. I think it's comical that after so many correct leaks and articles that people rush to the conclusion of "OMG I'm never reading their content again!" The mentality of people in this situation can be summed up quite easily:

1) Dailydot article comes out. People are commenting that MYM is falling apart, bad management etc.

2) Statements come out, masses rush to side with the players and instantly declare the DD article as a lie.

The problem is that, on this subreddit, most people tend to only be vocal when their opinion is popular, because it allows them to voice their opinion however they see fit, and people support it. However, when public opinion isn't what they feel, many will hide and not say anything fearing conflict. I can use myself as an example of this. I did an AMA after relegations which was met with amazing positive comments and support. A month later after the roster changes, I was met with negativity and being told to kill myself after people reada player statement, completely disregarding anything I said and writing it off as a lie. People on this subreddit tend to rush to conclusions, and it really doesn't add anything worth a damn. All it does it create a wolfpack mentality which people join and start bashing or leaving mainly negative comments. That shit sucks. Trust me.

Like I said, regardless of whatever the real truth is here, I think that taking all information into account, analyzing it and making your own personal conclusions is what should be done before people rush to picking a side and attempting to create drama. Furthermore, some of the responses on here make me shake my head. If you're going to comment, at least show some basic intelligence and formulate your thoughts with basic writing skills (which quite a few people have done, and those are the best comments to read.)

Thank You for your time.

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