Boku no Hero Academia Season 5 - Episode 13 discussion

Thank you, for reminding me how pathetic I'm actually am, I'm serious tho, the reason I feel that way because I'm lonely, I basically got no one, and mha is my comfort series same goes with re: zero and yeah, I'm stupid, sorry for being a little bitch, I'm genuinely am, but sometimes you gotta think why do people like these series, it may be a lot of reason, but for me, it's that I'm lonely and never really had people showing me things, I and most of the people that I know of just drifted away and found someone better then me, but sometimes I wonder if people would care if I died, you know dude, some people just like to defend the thing they like for many reasons, but if I sounded horrible, I'm sorry, And I'm sorry If I offended you in any way, and I'm sorry for sounding like a creep. And by the way, I'm fifteen so it would make sense if I sounded like an immature child

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