Bose headphones spy on listeners and sell personally identifiable information to third parties without permission: Lawsuit

That doesn't make it better

You were saying they have no functional use

They have NO functional purpose a normal pair of underwear (headphones, TV, phone, car) don't serve.

The problem with that idea is that it doesn't make them worse or redundant. Why eat delicious food when you can just eat Soylent Green for the rest of your life? It is an actual product you can buy. Or soy beans and salt. Both of them serve the same functional purpose of providing nutrition. Some items will have a subjective value that shouldn't be dismissed.

I'm annoyed with idiots that actually eat this shit up and believe the bullshit that falls out of their mouths.

I think you're projecting a bit too much into consumer products here, you've now said something similar about everything from clothes to cars to headphones to VR. They're not all going to be the same.

IMO there's a balance between what you say about products being overpriced garbage like $10,000 audio cables versus others that do provide some actual benefit besides conspicuous consumerism. I don't think you should generalize so many consumer products as being complete garbage. Especially not the entire Sennheiser line....

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