Boyfriend diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease

I ve the opposite problem my gf has been diagnosed with adenomyosis. Also she is on birth control pill and that pill plus the adenomyosis is making her lose libido and sex drives, we used to ve sex 4 times a week... and we barely ve 2... I ve also tried to talk about it but , well this argument feels like a taboo (always the same answer: she is trying, it makes me feels bad 2... I’m the worst gf.) I’m not the kind of guy that doesn’t care about her, if sex hurts her we stop... neither I wanna just cum... my problem here is that 1 always ask for sex or blowjobs makes me feels bad 2 I love to eat her pussy, we used to ve 3 or 4 oral session where I could lick her pussy but even that... no sex drives for her we eventually stopped almost completely having oral sex 3 i ve tried to seduce her, massages, candles, I ve tried...

I wanna ve my sex life back, i asked her if she minded if I masturbate alone (without porn because she is jealous, and I don’t like it...) but nope she said she prefers me to ask her ( that’ not really in my nature). That said I think we ve the same kind of problem... and I don’t know how to solve it either... I love her and I think I’m gonna give up on my sex I wrong on it ? Who knows ?.

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