Brain Injury Recovery

This sorta turned into more that you probably need or want and is filled with anecdotes and poorly formatted thoughts but as someone who’s been there I think it’s best I share it in its raw entirely than delete it. Apologies.

Hey bud I hate to tell you this but you’re done for a while. We’re talking 6 months of being symptom free while increasing the difficulty of daily tasks. So, at the very least, you probably won’t see the ice again at anything more than a public skate for a year or two, if at all. Symptoms aren’t just cognitive but can affect your personality as well. I would schedule a consultation with a specialist, a neuropsychologist who has experience with concussions and tbi. I’m obviously no doctor and can’t say anything definitively.

I’ve been there though.

I’ve had 7 concussions in my career with the final causing persistent post concussive syndrome. The mid term side affects were similar to yours despite it being a much more typical concussion. It happened when I was 17 and playing my first year of Midget Major AAA. You only get one brain. And while I will always think back to the “what if’s” of when I replied to the junior and college teams I was in talks with that my career was over, I am glad that I have fully mentally recovered and am on track to completing a bachelors degree in 3 years. You do not want to become a burden on your family and make them take care of you for the rest of your days. So definitely be prepared for them to say you will never be able to play again. I wish I was as good at taking that advice as giving it, as I am constantly thinking about walking on to my colleges Acha team. But it does get easier over time.

Take care of yourself, it’s easy to slip into depression when you are suffering from tbi. Don’t be afraid to seek counseling if you need it, I wished i had just so that someone else other than my family could understand me when my high school’s faculty wouldn’t give me the help I needed.

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