Brim, a player for Lumaince (ex-NA trials) tweeting that "we were paid a hefty sum to disband by Odyssey (competiting team) to give them a free Practice OD match."

Hi hi bud! So the thing about common sense and reading comprehension is that Brim would not tweet that if it was real and Odyssey would not respond because it would fuck up their careers. This should tell you that this is a J O K E. Also Luminance disbanded probably because of their recent loss to CTZNS and not performing in scrims. Please stop calling them ex-Trials to give this story weight because they are just another T3 team now. None of the original members from Luminance or on the roster other than the staff. Do not be condescending when you are hyping this up to plug your twitter. Just because you're promoting T3 stuff on that account does not mean that you are no clout farming and it is kind of pathetic

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