Calibrated at 1K. Took 7 months, but I finally hit 2K mmr last night!

Congrats man!

Last night I was so close to 2k but 2 of the worst matches of my life happened:

  1. My team picks 4 supports so I pick slark (my best hero and also was a nice pick againt the enemy team)
  2. Treant: "i go safelane, let me farm so i get a fast aghs and i get infinite gold like i saw in a yt video" (feeds the whole game).
  3. Bane and Enigma: bot lane, 11 deaths each, refused to help/communicate through the whole game until we lost and they type: "team noob"
  4. Oracle: "Fuck it, I'm going carry. I go mid!!!!" (he did a decent job but Oracle can't carry a game).
  5. Me: I tried my best but I couldn't do it againt luna and PA, they were super farmed.

  6. 80 minutes game, my team picks 4 carries so I pick wr and try to support:

  7. Ember Spirit: Split pushes the whole game, has a decent farm which he wastes in 3 battlefuries, daedalus and skadi. Everything's fine until he buys a rapier: the enemy team is pushing mid, he goes from the secret shop to the mid lane probably thinking "I'll one shot them all!!!" Meanwhile I was: > Get back! > Get back! He doesn't listen and literaly walks right in the middle of them. Doesn't even cast a single spell and dies instantly. Procedes to blame all of us and feeds/plays poorly the rest of the game. -PA: Almost six-slotted, sells some items, gets a rapier, dies to the enemy team.

  8. Razor: full time jungler flaming us for ''feeding the void'' while he didn't bother to help. Also he didn't use static link which was what pissed me the most

  9. Spectre: saving grace, carried us the whole game, killed void and grabbed the two rapiers. The problem was that when he entered in the fight we were already dead. But he did a great job anyway.

  10. Me: poor as fuck, wich led to me being completely useless during those fights. Of course this was my fault for not farming when I had the chance. Also pushing was impossible, kunkka's spash + rapier + daedalus = 70% of my hp gone. Had a fine time nonetheless, I love long matches :D

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