[Serious] Children of bad parents, what made them bad parents?

My biological mother, who I will call B, was a verbally and psychologically abusive alcoholic. She abandoned my older brother in Jacksonville with his father just 6 months after he was born. She tried to kill my sister (I'll call her J) multiple times while she was drunk. She admitted to taking pills and drinking while she was pregnant to try and kill her (and probably me as well). My dad and step mom (who I call mom, fuck B) fought for full custody of me and didn't win until I was 5 or so (fuck the NYS court system) but I was still required to visit her every other weekend until I was 10. She used to do a lot of fucked up shit to J and I. Which included:

-not letting us leave our rooms except to eat or go to the bathroom -making us go to the grocery store ourselves to buy food because she was too drunk, we were both under ten years old -locking us in our rooms at night so we wouldn't bother her when she was drinking -she would NEVER let us watch TV or play games -when I did watch TV, it was only with her and it was only shit that a kid shouldn't watch, Scream, Childs Play etc. most of it gave me nightmares -scream at me when I cried -she hit me, once but that was better than the multiple times that... -she would put cigarettes out on me. I'm not kidding, she would literally put out her cigarettes on me, her fucking child. I had scars up until middle school. -she would sell or throw away toys that my dad gave me that I would bring to her house -would never change me/wash my clothes/bathe me. -she had 7 DWIs on record, I was in the car for 5 of them. -multiple times they would come pick me up and she wouldn't even be home, and according to them (and my sister J) it would be just my sister and I alone for an entire weekend (a ten year old and a five year old)

I don't have a single happy memory about her. I was in counseling from first grade until tenth grade.

And before you ask, she is not involved in my life anymore. And my father and step mom are the greatest things ever. I can never repay them for the amount of money and time they had to waste on that poor excuse for a mother and human being (and the NY court system). Last I heard she broke into multiple homes two summers ago and lost an eye in a fight with one of the homeowners.

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