California is not a desirable place to live

I moved to California a few years ago and will be moving out soon. The only reason I'll be moving out is because housing is so expensive here and with the money I'm making ill be able to live way more comfortably in a bigger house in other states.

However, for those who can afford it without overworking themselves or sharing houses/apartments I think this is amazing place to live in. People are great, polite and tech savvy. Winters are amazing. Summers are a bit too dry but still good in comfort of your AC (or on a beach). There is ton of stuff to do. So many businesses and entertainment opportunities.

Also, I see people trash talk SF, but I have to admit, if I had millions needed to afford living there comfortably, I definitely would. It's not all homeless people and shit in the streets. There are amazing neighborhoods, cool beaches and golden gate park.

No one cares about earthquakes here. Forest fires sure are scary but worst case you evacuate and insurance pays for everything. Not much different than tornadoes or hurricanes which some other states have.

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