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I see one of your points - the headline was a little click-baity. I think billbobflipflop nails it below where he says" there's a misunderstanding between "get whatever it is we NEED" vs "get anything".

But the top line, a TLDR in bold, said I'm after a DSLR video set up:

Some of the "buy a camcorder" comments were sensible, solid arguments about having XLR inputs (I'll run a Zoom H5 seperately if I need a line feed) and external power for long events. This isn't about that.

If someone is asking for DSLR advice, and they say in the post that even going full frame would be pushing the costs...

...then RED/C300/FS5 isn't really going to be a viable option, is it?

A GH5 with kit lens runs at around $3400 (AUD), an equivalent FS5 kit is double that, and doubled again for an FS7. Bare bones C300 is $15,000 and I think from memory the cheapest functional RED I could build was $26,000 with no lenses.

Again, I concede the header was click-baity, but I'm very obviously not doing Hollywood stuff here...

I still maintain that telling someone who you know is working in a limited budget, who you know is only doing internal corporate work and who you know needs to be portable enough to travel easily that they should buy a digital cinema is fucking stupid.

"Literally one comment":

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