What would you do if your hired videographer filmed an entire in-person reaction podcast out of focus?

I guess it's just an odd question to ask here? It seems you're dealing with an interpersonal matter with someone in your life. You should talk to them, not us. It would be the same story if you had bad plumbing done. We have to work with people and we also have to accept people will make mistakes.

I totally disagree with you. As an almost 25 year veteran of this community/profession I think dealing with fuckups is an important topic for discussion. Accepting that people will make mistakes is a part of the equation but it's not the only facet.

How do you handle mistakes you make? Reshoots are easy; what do you do when a reshoot isn't possible?

What about mistakes that people make when you're responsible for them? If we sell a $10K shoot to a client but the audio for the entire day is unusable, what happens? Who gets paid? Who pays?

To experienced folks this was predictable and avoidable. Newly minted producers, or budget compromised producers, always think they can get by with inexperienced help. Sometimes it even works out.

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