Should I incorporate or form sole proprietorship?

I recently created a single member LLC, and I can speak to that a little bit. I'm still so new into it that I can't really say if that was the best way to go just yet, but I can say that the process was fairly easy.

For all of your LLC setup info, I highly recommend LL It sounds like a bogus site, but it's extremely useful, and offers a state specific breakdown of every step, while giving you the background of why each step is important or required. Save money on legal zoom or extra services by doing it yourself. One thing to consider is if you want to pay for a registered agent or if you mind have your business or personal home address listed in public record.

After I created the LLC and got my EIN, I setup a business checking account (look for offers- I made an extra $300 by meeting some simple sign up goals). I then signed up for a business credit card (again sign up deals are available if you plan on making large purchases). It is very important to keep business expenses separate from personal expenses.

Next I finally got my gear insured. I went with the Hartford after doing a lot of research. Package Choice and are a few other popular options but I had hit and miss experiences with their customer service.

Then I reached out to a recommended local accountant that specializes in small business for advice. She gave me some additional info and I plan to meet with her in the coming months just to make sure I have my accounting and information in order. *If you know an accountant already, it might be beneficial to reach out to them regarding which type of LLC to form. *

These were some of the steps I took after a fair bit or research. Not saying they are the best, but it's worked well so far. Good luck!

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