Sony a7i still useful?

Hi u/ben43211234 - you don't need a new camera for 4K. With a £1,000 budget, you can upgrade your a7S with a £419 used Atomos Ninja V for external 4K recording.

You'll also need batteries, recording media and mounting hardware.

That should leave you enough for a decent lens (e.g., a £556.28 used Tamron 18-28mm f/2.8 from Amazon Warehouse Deals]( [Referrals]

Here is the original a7S recording to 4K with the Ninja V:

The a7S is still a great camera with an impressive full frame, low light sensor.

You can still make money with it and save up to buy an a7S III or FX3 later.

Hope this is helpful, Happy New Year and good luck getting back into the game!

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