Can we all agree that Hugh Hefner was a piece of shit?

That is exactly what I am talking about. Like literally, both in the context of Hugh fucking Hefner, and in the sex industry overall. I've argued quite extensively here specifically about that, and about how many women in the sex industry aren't their by choice, and worse are pressed into by abuse and exploitative men. It's fucking ridiculously disingenuous to equate that with 'women should be sexually free only in the way I want them to be'. Women should be sexually free period. One of the ways that stops them from doing so is being exploited by pimps, johns, and police officers. Are you free? If not, how can they possible be?

How many street prostitutes do you know, personally? Did you grow up around them? See them struggle day-in and day-out? See the john drive up and beat the shit out of them? What about pimps? How many do you know? Ever hear them talk about women like meat? You've seen the black eyes and broken jaws and smashed noses? And you're trying to tell me that I've got it twisted?

Get a fucking clue. Bougie fucks never think about how the norms of society effect the wretched of the earth. Who do you think has the worst prostitution jobs in the industry? The pretty middle-class white women from middle class backgrounds who run an escort service, or the black of native women born into poverty who work the street corner?

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