(Can) How do people with 5 or more figure debt load deal with the stress? (I owe Less than 5k total debts and it stresses me out sometimes)

Well, you can't let it ruin your life. For example, many of my peers and I have five or even six figure student loan debt. It is the norm to have student loan debt in age group, really.

The federal loan rules give you a six month window before the interest starts capitalizing. Some of my friends worried their heads off trying to find a job in those six months. We graduated right after the crash so it was extremely difficult. It worries me for a while, but I put my best effort into career hunting, I learned as much as I could about my repayment options, and at the end of the day, that made me feel OK. I didn't let it get to me and in return I had some of the best years of my life after college, hustling. I made maybe 14k a year self-employed, but my rent was $137/month and I made it. I didn't pay much toward the loans, they were deferred during that time. Ultimately I ended up in public service, and all my loans are federal, so it worked out, because they are subject to forgiveness.

Student loan debt is my only debt, sitting at total 23k currently. I have zero cc debt. Zero tax debt. I manage my CCs very responsibly. My partner has no student loan debt, as he is in a field of skilled trade which he taught himself, and he has minimal CC debt, maybe $200 this month because we just made a large purchase that is going to save us a lot of money in the future. Ok I'll tell we are doing an Electric vehicle conversion for under 2k total. Neither of us have car notes, but if we did I'd bet that we would go with something practical and efficient like a solid used accord for 6-7k. Usually we just try to save up and pay for stuff that like outright.

All in all, I've done the best I can, I'm educated about my options to repay my debt, so I've feel satisfied that the debt is under control. It's my debt, but it's not my life, and it doesn't run my life either, only a small piece of the puzzle. Also I do a lot of yoga. Extra yoga every year when the fuck up my repayment plan recertifications. Don't get me started I just turned one in yesterday.

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