Why can't I get a single job offer?

Similar to what others are saying, modesty is important. I'm graduating soon myself...only have a 3.2, Marketing (not top ranked program but school itself is top 20 public), sales, marketing, PR internships, slew of service and random jobs, extracurricular involvement, and then lots of leadership, civic engagement, and service.

I have applied for one job, a Project Management position, they reached out to me, and we are negotiating salary and everything.

I'm not trying to rub it in, but the point is most people seem to care less about major and grades. And, when I went for the interview on-site, I was overwhelmed by the "interview actor" sort of people: Competitive: they want the job, they think they're the best, and they are not going to associate much or well with the other interviewees. This is bad...you're all on the same level and could be working together, plus you should be proving how easily you connect with others. Rehearsed enthusiasm: they have the versed and planned answers down pat. They have a strict plan to give the company what they want to hear. They're a good ol boy or gal, and it's clear they're trying to seem the most enthusiastic and proactive, but this can create the appearance of a personality that is too dominant or strong. However, you don't want to be a quiet and reserved person on the other end of the spectrum.

Honestly, the best interviews I have had and the ones with the best successes have been the ones where I don't prepare answers and I decide to go in as myself. I want to get to know the person some. I enjoy having some side chat but still staying on track. I am excited but I am not overwhelming. When questions arise seeking a primarily negative response, I don't try to provide some happy-go-lucky BS to spin my answer, provide a practical solution.

In all my interviews extracurriculars are nice, but they really REALLY love to hear me discuss and they love to ask questions about my civic engagement, service, and leadership--all about how I am as a leader and what I am in community. All about initiative, conflict resolution, etc. Don't be an interview puppet.

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