ChamberRVA, Richmond Realtors back Stoney's meals tax hike for schools

What do you mean it’s not inherently dangerous? Hasn’t it already been prooven that mixed housing positively benefits those who are disenfranchised? That same logic applies in the opposite. Mixing a handful of well-adjusted kids into a majority of kids raised in the courts is bound to negatively impact them. No parent in their right mind would send their kid to a school like that if they didn’t have to.

What the city needs to do is split those court kids up across the city. Disperse the kids so their home culture can’t carry over into the school room.

Systemic race problems aren’t solved by a bunch of affluent whites deciding they need to change, they are changed by breaking the system. The system is our low income housing problem. Breaking that system up at the school level is a step towards solving those problems.

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