Changing surnames/family names after marriage (including that of step children) is outdated and no one should be asked/expected to do so.

It comes off as very submissive when someone changes their name, and therefore hot for me.

But if I had to choose between her changing her name or wearing a wedding collar in lieu of a ring...I'd go with the name.

It at least has some useful applications. Kind of like being a circumcised male in the US. Most women freak out and wouldn't fuck me if I didn't have it circumcised. All other factors about right and wrong are yawn worthy. There is also no good reason to make a bed or comb your hair. Or to wear nice clothes but we do it. Name changes unify families and creates a feeling of starting something yourself which I think is important.

Feels like I started off with a joke answer and delved into a more realistic opinion. Reddit usually doesn't like reading more than one idea per comment and punishes accordingly. Oh well. I'll post it.

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