The weird, artsy, loner usually gets the girl in movies (instead of the jock) simply because many movies are written by weird, artsy, loners.

I see myself as the villain. I kill my lover out of betrayal and undergo an entire plot of holding an entire midwestern town hostage, while the government considers a drone strike that may potentially harm innocents in the process. I end up causing the drone to fire by provoking the Feds, only to wipe out the town while I vanish. The government is portrayed as the enemy, resulting in a nationwide rebellion—which introduces martial law.

The people refuse to obey and the citizens start getting killed by the National Guard after several thousand police officers have been attacked by the protesters. The National Guard doesn’t want to kill their own countrymen—which causes the United Nations to come in and deal with the masses. The problem is that the masses have proven too difficult to fight and weapons of mass destruction can’t be used because not everyone is perceived as a threat.

They don’t know how to handle it, so it results in the United Nations waging war against the government itself. Years later after the US Government has fires nukes at the United Nations (for killing hundreds of thousands of US citizens), the country is broken. What is left of the desolation in the states is reminiscent of the Wild West.

Man prevailed, made new laws, and now govern the land in their own terms. Most of Europe has the same issues (since the US nuked everyone involved in the United Nation’s genocide) and the remnants of the US government set up shop covertly underground—much like the Enclave’s presence in Fallout. I sit in the Oval Office, legs propped up on the desk, looking at the sun shine through the roof that had been ripped off during the United Nations invasion. A sly smile forms on my face. I look at the camera and say my favorite teenage years, video game character’s quote: “It takes the will of a single man.”

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