Teachers, parents want discipline as NYC student suspensions fall

25 years ago. If you don’t address racism in NYC it’s going to get bad. Income in-quality is now insane.

15 years: you have to start looking at this. What is happening. I mean you have kids in public housing waking up to morning rat bites. This is going to be bad.

10 years ago: in conversation with a senior Bloomberg administrator looking from a Manhattan high rise across the river after a few drinks: I wish they would all die. Just die.

5 years ago. We know what these kids need. Classes in AI, jobs for the next century. It’s so obvious.

2 years ago: if you close schools, you will create a tinder box that will explode in NYC. You have NO IDEA what is going to happen. You HAVE to do something. You can’t treat these people like rapid dogs. WTF is wrong with you?

0 years ago: on the beach. Mexico.

Eventually you fold. No one really cares. It’s all tribal. Wake me up, 2028.

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