Mother walking with baby stroller fatally shot in NYC

I clearly said NY but you decided to use the entire country, cool. Highly doubt your numbers are accurate. Furthermore, 65% (most) don’t! One person should not be held accountable for what another person does! So no I am not ignoring the 35%, your ignoring the 65% majority. So in other words, your saying just let everyone but criminals have firearms. So the good people should have the hardest time being able to fight back?! Just let them die is what your saying?! Yea, you and your girlfriend are the bright ones! It is a human right to protect yourself and your family! Nobody should be able to get in the way of that! Regardless if you survive or not, you should be able to protect your family sir! Your sentencing people to death with a political signature! This is my last response to you! God Bless!

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