NBC News is projecting Kathy Hochul will win re-election

  1. How does that change the basic facts in the NY Times article?
  2. You need my birth certificate, which reads Lenox Hill Hospital and I was raised in NYC. Yes, I currently live in NC. Does that mean the NY Times is lying?
  3. Your own link shows me posting in NYC as the 2nd most common area outside of the Triangle. I also spend time in Colorado, and post there. That okay with you?
  4. See #1, it doesn't change basic facts. Hochul was able to spend $1.5M per week more than Zedlin until the GOP thought they had a chance.

Scream into the air all your want, try to discredit me (I'm also a gun owner, oh no!), but that doesn't change the basic fact I shared. And by your reaction, you literally made my point. In this day and age, you will have two NY Times articles with basic facts, and yet still piss off 60% of the far right and far right if they don't like said facts.

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