CMV I don't believe in God anymore, but I would like to....

Why should I change your view? I find it liberating and inspiring that we sentient beings get to find our own purpose, make our own meaning, and pursue our own destiny, rather than have one predestined for us to either conform to or deviate from by some all-powerful, all-knowing mass of contradictions.

Think of it this way: if there's a God who made a purpose to the universe of "Make the best bread ever," then any profession other than bakers are ultimately meaningless. Bakery and related fields like Farming are all that matters, and any other pursuits are a waste of time at worse and a minor, entertaining distraction at best.

Or if "Happiness" is the purpose of the universe, then things like Truth or Justice are relegated to unimportance. Just find a way to make everyone high all the time, and suddenly you've achieved perfection, even if it's based on a lie, even if it's unjust to some or most.

But when you remove the universal "purpose" that a God implies, then you simply free people to pursue what they find important, with others who share their values. Music. Science. Stories. Sports. Charity. Art. Love. Whatever brings them fulfillment, makes them happy, makes life better for others.

And of course some people will value less savory things, or place their own values over others to the point of stealing or murdering or rape. As a society, we thus struggle to promote the positive, constructive values while discouraging and containing the negative.

But ultimately, mankind's destiny is in our own hands. And who knows, maybe someday we'll spread to the stars and find other sentient races, or have other species on earth develop our level of sentience, and share our values with other beings, and find what other destinies we've been missing.

If God is not necessary for Happiness, as millions of atheists can attest, and God is not necessary for Truth, as science and philosophy have shown time and time again, and God is not necessary for Justice, as seen when comparing the relatively better secular democracies to religious theocracies, then what exactly makes God necessary?

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