CMV: After researching Andrew Tate extensively, I believe him going viral is a net positive for the world.

Close, would I see that’s happening here is the overwhelming majority of his viewed content has been on these extremely touchy issues. I’m somewhat of the suspicion that the majority of people who know of him haven’t really taken enough time to thoroughly examine who he is with all the content he’s put out. Not there’s no one person who is ALL good, and there’s no one person who is ALL bad.

So I suppose my intention was to share with everyone how I believe you don’t need to agree with or condone the character of someone in order to find any sort of benefit from the exchange.

So to be clear I definitely wouldn’t go as far to say as I think the world would benefit from having MORE Andrew Tates. Like I said I just think we as a society shouldn’t feel phased. To at least a certain extent it seems I haven’t been able to change anyone’s views, a testament to not bending easily. Is it not?

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