CMV: Men should have more of a voice when it comes to abortion

Is it your view that women don’t currently consult their partners when they’re choosing to have an abortion?

May I ask where you got this idea? It is demonstrably false. There are tons and tons of stories out there of women who were persuaded, convinced, cajoled, bullied, or outright forced by their partners to either get an abortion or not get one. Have you done any research on this? Can you show me?

Here are a few stories from reddit about the type of situation you seem to think does not currently happen, or needs to happen more:

I think about this last story a lot. It’s a man in the situation you describe — his girlfriend wanted an abortion, but he convinced her to have the baby and essentially walk away, leaving him to raise the child. That’s what she did, and he hated it:

You can easily search reddit or anywhere else to find tons of stories like these — and tons from the situation where the man wants an abortion and has convinced, or is trying to convince, the woman to take that option. It surprises me a little that you seem to think couples aren’t having these discussions and negotiations, when there is such a wealth of evidence to the contrary. Have you looked? Did you find something I didn’t?

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