CMV: It should be illegal for a company to post they are hiring for a job without saying how much they are paying.

So, I'm in France. We're posting for remote jobs from developers all over the world. What we seek are excellent developers who stand out from the crowd. We may be small, but I'll put our software consulting against any of the top-tier firms because we're idiotically strict on hiring and we have killer project management.

And people get pissed when I don't post wages. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the biggest is our business model. (There are also some important reasons due to a little-known US law called FATCA, but it's enough of an edge case that it doesn't apply here and I won't go into it)

First, if you're an outstanding developer and want an outstanding salary, just tell us. We tell that to our clients. Sometimes it works (often it doesn't. Even if they think you're worth it doesn't mean they have the budget for it).

But there's a subtler issue. Let's say I'm looking for senior Typescript/VueJS developers (I am, in fact). It turns out that they're rare as hen's teeth, but imagine we have two excellent candidates. One is from Estonia and one is from San Francisco. They will have dramatically different expectations of a what a good salary is. Sure, the person from Estonia is going to cost us less money, but we want to hire the best regardless of salary because that delivers better long-term value. If the person from San Francisco is amazing, we want them too.

But if I hire the person in Estonia at a San Francisco wage, I can't afford both. If I hire them both at their relative salaries, but still offer decent pay, I can afford both, they're happy with their pay, our clients are happy with their work.

So why don't I post that pay range? First, I don't actually know what we pay (that ties in to the FATCA comment above), but that's a side issue. Imagine the pay range winds up being $30/hour to $150/hour. We'll be met with howls of protest from people claiming we're trying to rip people off by hiring cheap (in fact, some consulting firms specialize in hiring cheap labor from lesser-developed countries; we don't). And at the high end, if we can't offer that to a particular candidate (we don't feel they're worth it or the client says "no"), the candidate feels ripped off.

So yeah, we take the heat on not posting candidate salaries. Do I like that? No. Do I want to post salaries, yes. But if I've learned one thing from doing this for many years, it's that if someone is upset about how I post a job, no amount of explanation will satisfy them.

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