Coins and radios

You know what? You're probably right! FBI profile of earons after the So. Cal murders. This guy isnt the atypical, schizophrenic, disheveled, crazy person, this guy was the, he looks like your next door neighbor type. When in reality he's an Apex Predator .....

Since the offender blended into these communities, it is likely that he dressed well and did not call attention to himself when in these areas. We believe that your offender was using a vehicle that was in good condition. He traveled great distances between crime scenes and would need to have a reliable, well-running vehicle for his endeavors. This type of offender would spend a great deal of time searching for his victims and would need a reliable mode of transportation. He would have parked near the areas of the crime scenes for a long period of time while he assaulted and killed his victims.

Since the areas were described as affluent, the offender likely owned a vehicle that would not “stand out” when parked near these areas for a period of time. Because the offender needed a vehicle in good condition that would fit into the area, it is likely that he had some means of income to afford the travel and a reliable car. He also failed to take cash and some valuable items at the crime scenes indicating he likely already had some means of income. This offender spent a great deal of time searching for and conducting surveillances on his victims at night and therefore was not employed during the early morning hours.

Typically, the first crime scene in a series of homicides will be the closest to the comfort zone of your offender. In this series, the first homicides occurred in Ventura, California, more than 120 miles from the remaining crime scenes.The offender’s comfort zone would have been in this area, meaning that the offender either initially resided or worked nearest to this area at the time of the offense.

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