College football will be better off if LSU upsets Bama

You've demonstrated you are both illiterate and innumerate.

Im the one that understands the actual functioning of the computer rankings you constantly lean you sure you really want to say that?

Just b/c a computer counts something does not mean it counts it in any significant way relative to other factors thus rendering your "the computer polls" take that into consideration moot b/c it clearly isn't taken into consideration enough.

If a poll gives a CCG 1% of the weight it gives SoS than it "taking the extra game into consideration" was worthless on a relative scale.

I told you more than half an hour ago I do not care what you think about anything.

Yes so you've said...and you've still failed to come up with an actually defense of your stance.

Go away.

You do realize how conversations work right? If you respond to someone you are continuing the conversation.

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