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nothing actually unpopular ever gets upvoted

Yep, that's why that sub is trash. The majority of the highly upvoted posts are essentially just "here are some slightly edgy opinions that cater to reddit's audience".

that sub is legit just an alt right echo chamber at this point.

It makes total sense why that sub would transform into an alt right echo chamber unfortunately.

Here's probably how it happened:

  • "I have an controversial opinion that is looked down upon."

  • "Hey, people in this subreddit agree with my opinion and are upvoting it. It's not a rule of the subreddit to only upvote controversial opinions, people must be upvoting because they agree."

  • "I agree with alot of the opinions in this sub, I think I'll stick around. I'm going to upvote the opinions I agree with, and downvote the opinions I disagree with."

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