Convinced I’m going to be permanently single because I refuse to be with a man who cannot split household duties

They do exist: proof is me. I used to be depressed and live with a bipolar girl, so our flat was a mess. I’ve never noticed how awful it was up until recently when I was looking at old pictures and found one of my apartment. Clothes everywhere, bags of stuff, nothing is ironed, etc.

Not disgusting but really not neat either.

I don’t know when it started, but after the breakup with my toxic ex, I started cleaning and keeping my living place in a good state.

Now I live with my GF who has allergies, so I searched for plants that wouldn’t trigger reactions while cleaning the air, bought a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner to make daily run ups and get rid of dust, and just routinely but passively clean every surface I have. Like while I brush my teeth I clean the sink. Just after cooking (I cook 90% of the time because she works more than me) I clean and out everything away. I also am an iron nazi and iron everything, from my 300$ shirts to my 5$ white H&M tees. I sometimes get mad at my GF’s clothes and iron them too because I really dislike creases lol.

So we do exist. I now find every place we go to be less clean and neat that our apartment. I’m happy that this is a routine behavior, that I also can let the place live a little sometimes while never letting it go out of hand.

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