When she entered the room, she immediately felt a sense of dread and discomfort. At the far end of the room, a man dressed up in full Klan regalia stared through his hood so deeply at the poor woman that she couldn't help but shake. As she moved through the crowd, the hooded head was always turned towards her, never allowing even a moment of freedom. Eventually it became unbearable and Fields began to seek escape, but all of the exits had been sealed by small mountains of Trump steaks. Then she saw the man himself, Donald Trump. Maybe, just maybe, he could be of some help. The menacing klansman was still stalking her and was perched on the catwalk above. Now she knew she was out of options.

Fields closed in on Trump, pushed through the ring of people following him, and brushed her hand as gently as a feather against his shoulder to ask for help. Donald turned around and his thunderous rage could be heard for miles. He swatted her away, calling her a "dumb bitch" and spitting on her face. Trump was the enemy, just the same as her stalker. Trump and his followers moved on and Fields was left behind wondering how she could possibly escape. Then she felt stabbing knives of pain all over her body as the mysterious Klansman jumped three stories down from the catwalk onto her.

Fields collapsed face-first on the ground, knocking several teeth out. Barely maintaining consciousness, she looked up slowly to see the Klansman remove his mask. It was none other than Corey Lewandowski! His bald head was adorned with a black swastika tattoo over his face. He bent down and grabbed the poor woman by the neck and told her to leave. He hoisted her two feet off the ground and she began to choke. Corey broke both of her arms and made sure to snap each and every finger as Fields screamed in utter agony. The sick man was delighted by her pain as he set to work bruising every inch of her body.

Finally, Fields was released and allowed to collapse to the hard concrete floor. She began to pass out from pain but was worried she would not survive. Now she realized that Trump supporters were all around her, laughing and going about their lives, not carrying about her inhumane treatment. Donald walked up, put his hand on Corey's shoulder, and smiled. They gave each other a high five and Lewandowski unclasped the mace hanging at his side. Fields wanted to scream but the broken bones had punctured her larynx resulting in a loud, painful wheezing. Neo-Nazi Klansman Corey Lewandowski swung his mace and ended the life of poor Mrs. Fields, leaving only her ghost to testify against Lewandowski.

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