Have you ever been in a fight? How did it go?


One was a hockey fight. Just some shirt grabbing and face punches. He lost his balance and I technically won but we both got some good shots in.

Another was a hockey brawl. Some ogre cheap shot my like 5"6 teammate so we all went apeshit and I was just punching anyone in a blue jersey.

Another was a drunk friend who started shit while I was the dd. I pulled the car over, dragged him out and threw him to the ground. He apologized so I let him get back in and when I started to drive he started choking me from behind. I pulled the car over and dragged him out again. Punched him in the face, my other friend did an actual russian leg sweep and we left him.

Another one, my friend and I were snowboarding. We had tension because of a girl. It was like 40 degrees that day so it was wet out and I came flying down the mountain and sprayed him head to toe with a wall of snow. Of course he was pissed at me so he walked over and sucker punched me in my right cheekbone and before I knew it I was already throwing a hard right hook that landed square on his ear. As soon as that landed, I pulled his hoodie over his head, put him in a headlock and dropped to the ground. I said "Are you done?" He responded with a gasping "Get off of me!" so I asked again, "Are you done?!" He said "Ok." I let him up and we got on the ski lift for the most awkward 5 minute lift I've ever had.

There's been a couple others but nothing really worth mentioning. Other than the time when I was young and I threw a kid into the path of a car that narrowly missed him. He was a bully and was picking on my so while leaving the playground (no joke it was a playground fight) I told him "Tell your mom I left a $20 on her nightstand." I was 12, I probably only had a vague notion of what I was implying. Well he came over and shoved me so I shoved him and then he punched me and I threw his scrawny ass into traffic. Once he got back to me I tackled him and put all of my weight into one knee I was twisting and driving into ribs.

I swear I'm not a dick, I just know a lot of dicks.

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