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Even more than that, the poor white people you refer to whom oppose social welfare programs on predicates of racism thoroughly believe that these programs go almost exclusively toward helping minorities, and that when said minorities receive these benefits they use them to sit around doing nothing or to supplement their incomes while selling drugs and committing crimes (against white people), all while said white man goes to work and receives none of said benefits (which they likely never applied for, because of a matter of arrogant pride).

Said racist whites believe that they worked hard to gain their positions in life (even if that position in life seems meager to some) and that anyone else can do the same thing they did regardless of their race and that it isn't fair that non-whites are the only ones getting benefits to achieve the same quality of life they worked hard for, of course all these ideas are founded entirely on assumptions formed out of ignorance, which is then preyed upon by political and religious figures with platforms that reach these people.

To these people racial differences are not a product of an inherently biased society, but rather income disparity within society is a product of these inherent genetic racial differences (i.e. blacks and hispanics are predisposed to laziness thats why they have less money, they don't deserve our hard earned tax money) as opposed to the leftist train of thought, minorities are at a disadvantage because of biases formed in the base power structures of society.

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