This country really just feels hopeless sometimes

Not at all suggesting you do this but get off the socials and Reddit. Even where there isn’t misinformation it really focuses on hot takes, and catastrophizing as that gets engagement and is promoted. So many things are much more neutral than they appear.

I am also pointing at this in agreement.

I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone at the start of last year, and now only check those platforms once every 2-5 days or so. My reddit use has dropped a lot too, and i mainly just post about games, art, and shit that makes me happy. Hell, I even switched up my podcast diet to have less politics and more interesting content, eg 99% Invisible or This American Life.

end result: Less anxiety. Less worrying about the future. Less unresolved anger. More happiness.

These social media environments are so damaging to our emotional states, and we're probably not going to see the full impact until we look back on this era with a basket of statistics. They just want engagement, at any price. Fuck 'em. Let them starve.

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