Crazy homeless woman just tried to break my door down

I didn't mean it like that... it's something I didn't even understand until recently, nor did I even know in my home country we did this. And it's still just a theory of my own to explain the craziness.

At first I thought it was simply the free healthcare prevents the craziness (which is yes I know every American knows, is tired of hearing). But I know think it's the fact they will force inject you with the anti-psychotics if it's court ruled (I only discovered this recently).

So the precursor solution is also arresting them and processing them properly when they commit crimes too.

People still rather live here in the US than other countries with less crazy people.

Sure, I'm obviously living here currently. And I don't doubt there are waaaaaaay worse countries to live in out there :) Doesn't mean you have to put up with this shit.

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