Outsidelands lineup announced

Did you see his set last year at OSL? Really curious about what other people thought.

I was looking forward to it because he's from Santa Cruz and his videos are creative + often hilarious. But that set was . . . (just my opinion) total trash.

The schtick was bad (every song intro'd as "This is our last song") and didn't even hold up well as anti-comedy. He quickly lost the audience after screaming the same crowd participation bullshit in between every song like "GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP MOTHERFUCKERS!!! I DON'T FUCKING SEE THEM UP!! I'LL FUCKING LEAVE IF YOU DON'T". That lousy/abrasive stage presence just killed any momentum the show might have had. There was a dumb "skit" where his friend tried to tackle him and got beat up or something. Again, it didn't even work as anti-comedy, it was a bad idea for a bit with even worse execution.

Of course, he didn't really sing anything at all, he just kinda rapped/sung over prerecorded music (par for the course for the majority of "live" acts these days, to be fair).

Given that he's basically a YouTube entertainer and his stuff is essentially music/comedy videos with special effects backed by tunes that are all production, I wondered how well it would translate into a live show. It was either going to be wild/funny/weird spectacle or a train wreck.

Unfortunately, it was the latter.

But he's young so there's hope that the show has quickly evolved after he learned some things on the road. Maybe he'll bring it this time.

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