Credible coupon source for scripts.

Hmm, I read over the email again from corporate (it's like an independent chain) and they say,

"We are not obligated to take anything/fill any Rxs from Blink Health. They operate like most other discount cards, except the customer pays Blink first and then we get paid by Blink, minus their admin fee. If you receive a request to fill one of these vouchers from Blink, evaluate the reimbursement and determine if we make a reasonable margin. Fill it, if you believe we do, but refuse to fill if we are not being paid sufficiently to do so. Just tell the customer Blink is not paying us enough to cover the cost of the drug. They have already paid Blink, by this time, so it will probably not help to offer them the Rx at the same price they paid Blink, but it might help the next time the customer needs an Rx filled."

That email was from about a year ago. I honestly have not ever processed these coupons. We don't take regular discount cards, like GoodRX, because of the reimbursement. Regular insurance gives low ebough, lol. We will only take manufacturer discount cards.

So if for some reason the patient pays Blink then comes to the pharmacy and we are not able to fill it (out of stock, not REMS compatible, low reimbursment, etc.) can the patient transfer that coupon to another store? Or is it specifically for that store only?

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